Move lost windows from disconnected second screen

From time to time in Windows I have a program window on my second screen, I disconnect my second screen, and for some reason or other Windows doesn’t figure this out and move that window over to my primary display – my laptop screen. No amount of ALT+TAB etc solves the problem.

Here’s a way to move a window stuck on a disconnect screen over to your main display:

  • Click on the program icon in your taskbar
  • Click ALT + Space Bar
  • This should pop up a small menu – click the Move option
  • Click your left arrow key and the lost window should start to appear coming in from the right hand side of your display. Once you can see the window then you should be able to drag it into position using your mouse.

This worked for me, you might find that you need to use the right arrow – I settled on left because when I click the program icon in the Task Bar it seemed to show the window as being way over on the right.