Taking Parents for Granted

I’m starting to get pretty cheesed off by the organizers of our kids
actvities who continually take parents for granted.

Largest daughter has her end of year cheerleading ‘display’ (read:
showing where all those fees went this year).

Programmed for 5pm-7pm. Give up work early, organize with better half
she’ll pick up son from his after school drama class, and she’s happy
to concurrently with that happy also to mind the 2 year old and figure
out dinner.

Get to Wesley. Told daughter will be ‘on’ at maybe 6.30pm if we’re
lucky, later if they are behind.

So now have to sit around for at least 1.5 hours.

Spend 10mins doing the few emails that can be dealt with from my
phone. Kick myself for not bringing the specs and plans for our new
cafe for review. So forces to watch dozens of other peoples’ children
doing poorly organized gym routines.

How much better if they broke it into 4 half hour blocks and scheduled
all the various groups into the blocks so we could plan when we needed
to be there.

But biggest daughter did look pretty cool when they finally hit the
floor. And it was 6.15pm so quite remarkably they were ahead of time.

I just really get annoyed when there’s a presumption parents will sit
around endlessly waiting for their poppets’ moments of fame.