I have a 20 year background as a technology leader, investor, entrepreneur and contractor working with internet and technology businesses. I have consulted to technology companies in Australia, the USA and elsewhere. I’m the founder of a number of internet based businesses and have deep experience across the management, marketing, technology of small to medium online enterprises.

I have led software and online solutions projects implementing technology for companies ranging from small to very large, gathering and analysing requirements; designing architecture and systems solutions; and managing distributed implementation teams based in Australia, India and the USA, using Agile processes.

Together with my partner Fiona Boyd in 2000 I launched artshub.com, an online subscription content business with tens of thousands of members globally, and offices in Melbourne, London and New York. Arts Hub was sold in late 2006 to a group of private investors led by Simon Baker, former MD of the ASX listed realestate.com.au.

Fiona Boyd and I are featured in the book “50 Great eBusinesses and the Minds Behind Them” (Random House, 2007).

Prior to moving fulltime into technology I spent 14 years in arts and entertainment management, working in theatre and music as a technician and manager. In the late 1990s and early into 2000s Fiona and I owned a management consulting business operating in the arts and culture industries. We were industry leaders in deploying online and technology into those spheres and won two national marketing awards for our work analysing customer attendance and purchase behaviour in performing arts venues, in partnership with ARTS Australia.

My main focus at the moment is EdSmart.


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