Google Sued For Crimes Against Humanity

My favourite nutter story for the day. A bloke is suing Google for $5b for crimes against humanity – most specifically because his social security number turned upside down spells Google (well, apparently so, the actual number is blacked out in the court documents). I also like his assets/valuables listing – one snow board valued at $200.

50 Great e-Businesses and the Minds Behind Them

Last night we took ourselves off to the launch of a new book ’50 Great e-Businesses and the Minds Behind Them’ – because Fiona and I are in it – they’ve written us up, with our story of Arts Hub and its sale in 2006 as one of the 50 businesses.

We were interviewed by Emily Ross, the co-author with her partner in life and crime Angus Holland, a few months ago. It was a pleasant and professional experience, Emily was a delight to deal with, and made sure she followed up with fact checking emails afterwards.

The launch was held at the Avenue Book Store, our absolute favourite bookshop – we’re regulars, I think we probably own shares in the shop now given the quantity of books we’re purchased over the years.

You can read more about the book, and order it, from the publisher’s web site. It’s not available yet on Amazon as far as I can see. – Amy’s Gift is our latest online venture.   collectZing is a new online place for the collectors of the world to gather, share and trade their collectibles, and have fun doing it. Today we put the site live to the public, after a few weeks of invitation only, while we worked the kinks out.

One of our ideas is to produce a number of videos around the theme ‘It’s a collecting thing’. Our first effort is up now:

The video was directed by the magical Carlos, with puppets and puppetry by the multi-talented Naomi who works in the collectZing office.