Virgin Blue now a clone of Qantas

I’m starting to think Virgin Blue has now morphed into what it used to hate – Qantas. Flew into Sydney this morning, and we all had to wait around on the plane because noone noticed us arriving, and there were no ground staff waiting at the airbridge.

Now I’m sitting at Sydney airport delayed 35mins so far because of late arrival of the inbound plane.

We used to make a point of not flying Qantas because there always seemed to be something amiss, broken or late. Now it seems that choice is harder to justify.

A blog you should read

Here’s a blog you should  be reading instead of mine. MyCEOLife is Simon Baker writing, the recently-made-former-MD of Simon is probably one of the most insightful, strategic and innovative internet business leaders I’ve met. He took REA from nothing (in fact less than nothing, it was losing money), to a profitable, ASX listed business with operations around the world. Outstanding stuff. And now he’s got a little more time on his hands he’s cranking up the blogging output.

Simon was the victim of one of the most dis-respectful sackings you could imagine. He’s also the guy who bought our ArtsHub business – and there’s no better hands in which we could imagine placing our baby.

Neat digital signature product

I needed to renew a supply contract with a company today. They sent me a link to a document on a web site called EchoSign. It was a PDF form of our contract, with boxes for me to fill in my details, credit card number, then to click a button to digitally sign. It then processed the payment and emailed me a copy of the signed contract. What a neat way of handling this stuff.

The Hard Way Home

My big brother Paul’s new documentary on the terrrible plight of Iraqi refugees has been released. Paul says’s he is “arguing that helping the refugees is not just a humanitarian cause,
it’s critical to national security. These 2 million refugees are the
bulk of the educated middle class of Iraq. If they collapse into
poverty and continue to fail to send their children to school, Iraq
will remain wrecked for a generation, and there will be a new vast pool
of semi-educated, angry and hopeless refugees in the Middle East
alongside the Palestinians.”

The documentary, and issue, is being picked up in a number of places including:

A dangerous crisis of invisible refugees: Bernd Debusmann
Informed Comment

You can watch part 1 of “The Hard Way” on YouTube. There is a higher res one here.