3G icon does not display on Telstra iPhone – no internet access

My son’s been moaning something about no 3G access on his Telstra iPhone for the last week or so, finally sat down to look today. He was right – the signal strength is fine, but no ‘3G’ symbol. And if you try to open a web site in the browser you see a ‘no internet access’ message.

I hunted around online and finally found this forum post. One of the remedies suggested is:

“go to settings – general – cellular – Cellular data network -and change APN from telstra.wap to telstra.iph”

I checked the settings and lo and behold:


I changed the setting to telstra.iph:


…then rebooted the phone. Now have the 3G symbol displayed, and data access when not connected to our wifi.

Son now much less grumpy with me.


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