activePDF ToolKit Error Code -998

So I don't have to yet again hunt down the activePDF ToolKit documentation, if an Error Code -998 is returned by activePDF ToolKit it means 'Product not registered/ Evaluation expired.'. And you have to take up arms and prepare to enjoy chasing down why your previously registered copy has decided, perhaps in a fit of pique, that it's happier unregistered. Which is not a fat lot of help when the bloke who has the serial number database is in a timezone slumbering through the middle of the night, it's the midst of a workday for you and you promised someone something for tomorrow.

I completely agree with software licencing. It's how companies legitimately make money. But some seem to have registration management systems calculated to drive us mere code crunchers up the wall.


One thought on “activePDF ToolKit Error Code -998

  1. This saved my butt big time… I could not even find this on the error code section of their Toolkit knowledge base.. what a joke

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