Entries in iCal not syncing to Google Calendar

I have iCal set up attached to my Google Calendar, and thus events entered into iCal, Google Calendar or my iPhone all happily sync up. Except today new events entered into iCal stopped appearing in Google or iPhone.

Found a quick and easy solution.

1. Exit iCal

2. Find the file [youruser]/library/calendars/calendar cache and delete it

3. Restart iCal

And hey presto entries added to iCal are syncing again.

8 thoughts on “Entries in iCal not syncing to Google Calendar

  1. Martin
    On your Mac click the Finder icon (smiley face, usually left end of your Dock).
    Click Macintosh HD
    Click Users
    Click your name
    Click Library
    Click Calendars
    You should see at least one file named ‘Calendar Cache’ in that folder.
    At least, that’s where I found my cache file.

  2. oh my gosh it worked!!! thank you so much – I was in the same boat as the person who couldn’t find the file – huge thanks for the additional details too!

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