Social Media Integration (so I don’t forget)

Finally getting some integration in my social media life. This post is to help me remember what I’ve done!!

I have an account on Facebook

 I can update my Facebook status via my Blackberry using the Facebook Blackberry software:

On Facebook I have the fb2twit application installed. This sends my Facebook Status updates to my Twitter account:

My account at Twitter is:

I have a TypePad blog (this blog):

On my blog I display my latest Facebook status, and my latest Tweets, using widgets – they’re installable via my Typepad admin pages.

Finally I have an account with TwitterFeed. TwitterFeed can grab RSS and other blog type feeds, and send them to yur Twitter account. I’ve got it grabbing:

– My blog feed
The collectZing corporate blog
My personal collectZing Member RSS feed (shows my activity on

OK, so this means that:

Anything I post on my blog etc winds up on Twitter. It then does a 180 turn as well and shows up on my blog in the sidebar.

As I update my Facebook status, it propagates up to Twitter, then to my blog sidebar.

Blimey, it’s a full time job this social media stuff.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Integration (so I don’t forget)

  1. What I can’t seem to find is your email address…because I wanted to tell you about the odd networking that sometimes takes place on the web. For instance, we semi-regularly use your Glossary of Theatre Terms for a regular feature on our podcast called, “Theatre Words with the Lovely Trudi.” So, we just wanted to say thanks.

  2. Tim, good point. I tend to avoid posting it on the web because of the potential for spamming. But it’s david at eedle dot com.

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