Music Giant Ambraces File Swapping

Music giant EMI says it’s looking at how to build a business model around file swapping, or peer to peer networks – the ones which, until now, the music industry as a whole around the world has decided are the personification of the devil. You’ll recall their general tactic is to threaten teenagers with fines and jail.

“We want to learn how to embrace P2P,” said Ted Cohen, EMI’s senior vice president for digital development and distribution. He believes it will take a year for the tide to change.”

EMI is set to make its music available via Wippit, a UK based peer to peer music sharing network, which until now has only had access to small independent labels’ music.

“For about $50 a year, subscribers can download any of Wippit’s tunes using P2P and save them in as many places they like — an idea that makes many big recording companies nervous. Other services limit copying. “

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