ISP Employees Responsible for Web Site Content

Not content with pursuing teenagers in court, the Australian music industry is now suing the employee of an ISP, who was unluckily the assigned staffer for an MP3 download web site, hosted by his employer.

Chris Takoushis was the sales person who handled the ISP’s client. He’s one of several people involved with the ISP, including two of the company’s directors, now named in court action taken by six record labels over the site

The site only linked to music content, and did not host the songs. The Music Piracy Investigation Force reckons 140 million songs were downloaded as a result of the site’s links in a 12 month period.

The MPIF says: “employees of ISPs who were aware of illegal activities being carried out at work would be targeted in future if this case was successful, but would be granted “amnesty” if they informed the music industry. “

So now employees of ISPs are going to be held responsible for what the owners of hosted web site do? How can this just stop at music? If the principle is established the sky’s the limit in terms of taking legal action against ISP functionaries for all manner of copyright and legal breaches.

Bit like suing the bloke who runs the printing press at the local newspaper because of a libelous article!

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