320,000 Australians Looking For Love Online

Well we Australians are a love-lacking mob. “The country’s internet dating websites have experienced a 93 per cent increase in use in the last year, according to internet monitoring service Hitwise. ” Web site rsvp.com.au reckons they’ve hit 320,000 members. That’s a whole lot of people using online for a single purpose – an interesting market segment now I come to think of it. And this is just one of the dating services, there are several others.

Be interesting to know just how many Australians all up and signed onto these site. The technology is really pretty simple – content management on a medium scale. And the sites all work pretty much the same way (as far as I can tell, having not actually had the need to employ their services). It’s an age old formula, boy meets girl. The online sites just replicate that other most honourable tradition, the blind date.

Makes you think there must be a killer app around the corner somewhere, which could exploit this pool of registrants, in the nicest commerical way.

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