I need to write more blog posts about SQL server and missing toolbars in Excel


I have absolutely no plan or strategy for my blog, it’s purely an entertainment and I write about whatever happens to be on my mind at the time – usually something I’ve seen or heard during the day, or encountered in my normal working life. I also tend to be something of a help desk for all sorts of contacts, plus I provide 24/7 tech support to my own household and extended family, an unpaid gig I need to point out (that’ll change come the revolution).

As a consequence I pay virtually no attention to any of my blog statistics, visitors, who reads what etc – because to be honest it’s not relevant.

Last October I moved my blog from Typepad to WordPress, and WordPress has a much, much better statistics system in-built, so I noticed I could easily check a list of the most read stories, here are the top 10:

Looping through records in SQL Server Stored Procedure 1,671
Missing Formula Bar in Excel (for Mac) 964
ASP Timeout expired error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ’80040e31′ 888
Solving ‘Login timeout expired’ Problem on Windows Server 2008 419
Drag and Drop stops working on Mac Lion 163
How to host IIS7 web site on Mac OSX folder via Parallels 128
Cricket Scoring Signals and Symbols 103
No honey, actually it’s NOT my speeding fine. Google Location History – bit creepy, pretty useful 82
SQL Server mqSQL “Commands out of sync; you can’t run this command now” 66
How to refresh Facebook’s cache of your blog post when you update 55

The problem is, if I followed traditional blogger convention I should be analysing all this and zeroing in on what my audience wants. Apparently, people REALLY want to know how to loop through a set of records in a SQL Server stored procedure (you know you want to as well….). And a way to recover a missing toolbar in a now old version of Excel.

I hate to disappoint you, but the reason I write most of these more ‘geeky’ posts is actually to act as a reminder for me, so the next time I encounter the issue I can look back and check how I solved the problem last time – kind of my own knowledge base you might say.

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