HP All in One Printer and Snow Leopard

Went to scan a document yesterday on the HP Photosmart 3310, but my Mac couldn't see the scanner – the pop up scan window kept saying scanner not found.

Played with it for ages, using the HP Device Manager thingy, but apparently the scanner was gone. But could print fine.

Finally found this document on the HP site. What do you know. The Snow Leopard upgrade breaks the HP scanner system.

But not to worry – because now it's all built into Mac, you can scan direct from Preview (very handy, straight to PDF which was what I wanted in the first place); Image Capture; or just from the Print and Fax settings.

You'll need to delete the printer from System Preferences > Print and Fax, and add it again, but that's the work of a moment.

Despite the initial frustration, actually very happy. But damn it's annoying when something simply disappears after an update and you have to go hunting for a solution. I did check for updates on the HP software and it said it was the latest version. What would be nice was if HP pushed an update that alerted you to these changes.

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