WordPress “The requested theme does not exist”

Oh what fun. Was updating my theme on one of my WordPress blogs, saved the change, and up came an error page "the requested theme does not exist".

Googled and found someone else with the same problem.

Wound up doing what the commenters suggested – pulled the original CSS from archive, and laboriously had to go through and make my changes again. Easy way to waste half and hour. Alright now though.

5 thoughts on “WordPress “The requested theme does not exist”

  1. This happens if you change the name of the theme in the commented area of the CSS stylesheet (right at the top).
    Wordpress sees it as a different theme if you change the name… but all you have to do is go to the Appearance tab and activate the “new” theme.

  2. Thanks John, it’s a while since I had the problem, but from memory all I did was tweak a couple of CSS entries, not the theme title at the top etc.
    But you’ve now made me more aware to take care in the future.

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