Niche Content Millionaire

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Just putting the final touches to our new eBook, Niche Content Millionaire and sending drafts off to various friends for review.

Niche Content Millionaire will be released this month. But you can make sure you secure your copy by registering now.

a cool experience when you’re sitting in a lawyer’s office high up in a
down town office block and someone casually hands you a check for a
couple of million dollars. It’s even more cool strolling into the
nearest bank branch and depositing the check – then rushing out to the
ATM to check your account balance.

We’ve been involved
with niche online content as a business since 2000. In that time we’ve
launched commercially successful web sites in Australia, the USA and
the UK. Our sites have attracted tens of thousands of subscribers, and
many times that number of casual visitors. In late 2006 we sold the
largest of our businesses for more than $US1 million.

book is not designed to be a text book, nor a biography, rather it’s a
distillation of our story, married with advice and ideas that we
believe assisted us along our journey to success. We learnt our lessons
the hard way. We hope that you will read the book, learn and then be in
a position to apply those lessons to your own online, or offline,
business venture.

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