Connex Melbourne are Liars

Just got home from the St Kilda v Hawthorn game.

Connex Melbourne's web site says:

*Please note the network improvements for Saturday 20 September
will be altered to enable two footy specials to operate through to Sandringham
(commencing at 9.36pm).  All normal services will terminate at Elsternick as

Wrong. A lie.

We were on the 9.36pm. It terminated at Elsternwick and along with 300 other people we were booted off. Luckily we were at the front of the train and got off first, and made it to the one – yup one – bus which then meandered down to Hampton. Pity the other 270 people who missed out.

As we walked home, lo and behold a train rolled into Hampton Station – the 9.56 which DID go through. 20 extra minutes to get home with 2 tired children.

And St Kilda played like a pack of deadbeats. Horrible night 😦

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