No movie fun

So we go to Gold Class at Jam Factory last night to see Enchanted with the kids. We have to ask 3 times just to get someone to take our food order. They start the movie 10 minutes late because they are so far behind.

Tired old excuses – ‘we’re short staffed’. Do the maths: 42 degree day, New Years Eve, too hot to take the kids to town for fireworks, duh, do yer think families might like to go to the movies? And I booked yesterday morning, with the seating plan showing the cinema already close to full. No excuse for not knowing demand levels.

One hour after the movie starts still haven’t got any food or drinks. Staff member approaches, they’ve run out of EVERYTHING on the main menu. But we can have our choice of a hot dog or ‘gourmet’ greek pizza. But no worries about the dessert I ordered.

Another 30 minutes later food arrives. Gourmet greek pizza looks and tastes like someone poured a tin of chopped tomatoes over a frozen pizza base and sprinkled 4 olive halves and 5 shreds of fetta. Oh and my bottle of water arrived after reminding the staff again. By which time the movie was nearly finished.

We’ve been to Gold Class several dozen times, makes me wonder why we bother spending all that money just to receive zero benefit. I get so tired of the endless excuses for poor service whenever it manifests – which is constantly.

Never did get my dessert either.

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