Occasional cool moments online

There are occasional moments when something online seems extra cool.
You may have noticed NASA has launched a space shuttle for the first
time in a couple of years, since the last shuttle flight ended in
catastrophe. NASA’s making a big deal of this mission – and part of it
includes a 24/7 live feed, with audio and video, from the space shuttle.

They must have a web cam mounted on the shuttle, aimed at the earth,
because you can watch the earth moving past below as the shuttle orbits
around the world. The budget seems not to have run as far as a colour
web cam, but even in black and white it’s still a remarkable sight.

And you can listen to the shuttle crew and mission control back on
the ground going about their business, along with occasional voiceovers
from the official NASA mission spokesperson, who tells you about what’s
going on (which basically means translating a pile of acronyms into
plain English!).


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