Brighton rocks

I’m ready to have a chat to my local council mayor. Here’s a fantastic story from the UK, where a local council has banded together with community and local groups to offer blanket wireless internet access, using the new WiMax super wireless internet standard.

“Want to see the future? Go to Brighton, where it is being created through a blend of anarchy and civic pride. A partnership between the free Wi-Fi movement and the local council has now delivered wireless broadband via a new WiMax service.”

“Almost the whole of Brighton is now blanketed by a wireless internet service that delivers data faster than broadband. It carries public sector, commercial and educational traffic – another first for the city. Schools have multi-megabits of data, businesses get the equivalent of high-speed leased lines, students have fast data in their dorms, and everyone gets free Wi-Fi in pubs and cafes.”,3605,1506911,00.html


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