New eMarketing Code of Practice

There’s now a Code of Practice for eMarketing, produced by a group of key bodies incuding the Australian Direct Marketing Association, and registered with the Australian Communications Authority.

“Providing a more detailed and specific guide to email and mobile marketing – particularly in those areas where there is currently some confusion, such as consent and viral marketing, the eMarketing Code will offer significant benefits to those companies operating in this sector. It will also help all other companies who use email in their business, but aren’t necessarily covered by the Code, to ensure they are acting lawfully under the new Spam legislation.”

The Code provides detail on the following key areas relating to the sending of commercial electronic messages in an email and mobile marketing environment in Australia:

  1. Obtaining and maintaining consent;

  2. Keeping records of consent;

  3. Obligations in relation to viral marketing campaigns;

  4. Inclusion of accurate information about senders/message authorisers ;

  5. Provision and operation of a functional unsubscribe facility;

  6. Sending commercial electronic messages about age sensitive material; and

  7. Complaints handling.

You can read more and download from

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