The Three-Screen Problem

Business 2.0 :: Online Article :: Converge Sense :: The Three-Screen Problem

Walk into any Silicon Valley gathering and all you’ll hear is one
person after another pontificating on “the three screens that dominate
our digital lives.” The three screens, of course, are television, the
personal computer, and the cell phone, which these same people then
posit will merge.

Interesting article, I hadn’t heard the phrase about 3 screens
before. But more interesting is the conclusion regarding content, that
many players have got it all the wrong way round, when they talk about
streaming existing tv content to mobile phones:

It’s the completely wrong way to treat the wireless platform. Brian
Levin, president of Seattle-based Mobliss, believes that wireless
networks need content that’s made specifically for mobile platforms. I
couldn’t agree more. Want people to watch TV on tiny screens? Think of
new types of content — funny shorts, quick news clips, movie trailers,
the JibJab video, and, of course, Barry Bonds’s 800th home run.

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