In the Tipping Point Vein

The other day I recommended you read The Tipping Point. Some fascinating research work is showing how the Tipping Point functions.

“researchers at Hewlett-Packard have proven the hunch, with a new study that reveals how workers use email to share information. A key finding – that a few connected individuals are often the power brokers of most information sharing – could yield valuable insights in both corporate efficiency and crime fighting. “

They are suggesting the traditional organisational chart is dead. Instead, you can model the organisational structure – one which reflects the true structure – by analysing information flow through the organisation.

“The researchers identified the key ringleaders who, like a network hub, served as a busy intersection for email traffic. By using 3D visual analysis and zoom graphs, Mr. Huberman and his colleagues revealed sub-communities that were rapidly sharing vast quantities of information. “

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