Get Rich Quick – and Poor Even Faster

A pretty odd tale of Internet fraud in today’s press. An Australian man decided to check out one of the many spam money making emails. He wound up stumbling on what looks like a neat money laundering operation. He handed over details of a bank account (one which he had not used for ages). Lo and behold $23,000 arrived in the account, with instructions to forward 90% of the funds via Western Union to another account.

He got in touch with the Australian Federal Police, and the bank, although seems disapointed with the bank’s response – or lack of it.

What’s quite bizarre is the response from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:

“A spokesman from the ACCC said it was not the responsibility of the organisation to issue warnings about such scams; if people were charged or there were court proceedings resulting from such activity, a mention would be made, he said. Else, such matters did not come within its purview.”

Because they publish a Little Black Book of scams on their web site, and lots of other general scam related con merchant warnings.

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