Protect Me, Protect Me Not 2

Johansen’s explots (below) remind me of my favourite copyright-breaking story from 2002 – the notorious black marker. Sony’s “Key2Audio” anti-copying system is included on millions of audio CDs. It was based around a special security track around the outer edge of the disk. Til some enterprising person discovered you could just cover the track using a black marker. Worked like a treat.

But, if you fail, perservere. Sony is now releasing it’s next generation of protection. Apparently it ‘blocks ripping but allows tracks to be transferred to “authorised” portable music players.’ EG They don’t mind if you play it on your Sony digital player, but they do mind you uploading to Kazaa.

“The technology uses the established method of offering two versions of the record on the same CD: one that can be played in regular players and another intended for computer use.”

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