If the BBC can do it….

If the BBC can do it, why can’t the ABC? I’m getting tired of these
old arguements ‘we don’t have the budget’, ‘we can’t justify it in a
marketplace this size’.

These are both exactly the types of conditions where innovation should thrive.

It is one of the many successes of the BBC Radio Player, which
will be re-launched tomorrow to make around 95% of the corporation’s
radio output available after it is transmitted, at any time of the day.


Friendster, Love and Money

Friendster has been the big boy of the social networking world, looks
like they’re on the way out. Shows how quick fads come and go, with
myspace.com moving up the hit parade, according to this article from

“I think Friendster really missed their big opportunity,” said Mark J.
Pincus, who is an investor in Friendster and the founder of Tribe
Networks, a budding social networking Web site that hopes to capture
some of the print classified advertising market. “They weren’t quick to
turn on new functionality, where a company like MySpace kept innovating
and adding new features.”

Friendster, Love and Money

Spotlight on… bloggers

Web logs, or blogs, are being described
as one of the biggest threats facing mainstream news organisations. An
alternative media universe has formed around these online diaries,
numbering in the thousands, some of which attract many readers.

Yes, but Channel 9, 7 et al probably won’t get the point for years
to come. Channel 7’s idea of a blog is putting a video camera in a
shopping centre and inviting story ideas and feedback. Yet in the USA
bloggers were responsible for Dan Rather, the leading news anchor,

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