Mobile Nightclubs

First we had ‘flash-mobbing’, now the British have invented ‘mobile nightclub’. So if you are in London, waiting at an underground station, and see a bunch of people simultaneaously start to bop and jive, you’ll know what’s happened.

“The latest craze, devised by a pair of London artists, sees people directed to busy rail stations so they can simultaneously don personal stereo headphones and begin dancing to their own soundtrack. “

Spam over the top

It’s official, a survey has found 3 out of 4 emails are spam.

“MessageLabs said of some 909 million e-mails scanned at its customers, 691.5 million were intercepted as spam, or 76 percent. “

“That report found the average employee receives nearly 7,500 spam messages per year, up from 3,500 in 2003. “

Gee, all the anti-spam legislation is working a treat!